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Blakely Financial Services is an independent financial services firm committed to serving our clients. We are a fiduciary in advisory relationships, meaning that we must always act in our client’s best interest when making planning recommendations and investment decisions. We know how important it is to plan for your and your family’s future and we take great pride in being able to help our clients pursue their financial goals. We provide this high level of service to clients all throughout the country. If you are interested in speaking to someone at our firm please give us a call at 209-956-0267 where one of our team members will answer your questions.

Serving Clients in 17 States and the Nation's Capital

Serving Clients in 17 States and the Nation's Capital

Blakely Financial Services helps clients all over the country.  We leverage technology like eSignature for electronic documents and Zoom for virtual meetings to ensure that we are always accessible and functional to our clients.

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